Dental Emergencies in Tumwater, WA - Tumwater Emergency Dentist: Dr. Choi

Choi Family Dental provides care for dental emergencies in Tumwater, relieving your pain and restoring oral health with rapid attention. Our dental team understands how any emergency can cause great discomfort and are skilled in swiftly attending to your dental needs. Dr. Choi assesses your situation and provides a treatment plan that will properly correct your emergency.

For emergency dental care, call us at (360) 754-6070. We are here to help patients of all ages with their emergencies, providing precise and gentle dental care. Our practice sees patients in Tumwater, and from surrounding areas such as Nottingham and Carlyon North. 

Dental Emergencies in Tumwater

A dental emergency requires treatment as soon as possible in order to avoid permanent damage. Whether teeth, fillings, or your dental appliance is damaged, visiting a dentist will ensure proper recovery. Dental emergencies include damage due to trauma, sometimes caused by sports or accidents, and also tooth decay. 

You may not realize it but a toothache can signal extensive inner-tooth damage that needs to be addressed before the bacteria spread further. If you have a toothache or are sensitive to hot and cold, then visiting your family dentist is the best way to eliminate discomfort and remove the decay. 

What You Can Do for your Emergency 

After calling Choi Family Dental, you can take action to reduce pain until you receive care. Your first step should be to preserve any teeth, their fragments, and restorations. If possible, place these damaged pieces in a glass of milk or a container with saliva. This is the best way to keep fragments as viable replacement options. You can also return a knocked-out tooth back into its socket, which improves the probability of reattachment. 

For your discomfort, take over-the-counter painkillers and ice painful areas as well. You should ice for 20 minute periods, but only once per hour. Depending on the type of dental emergency, be careful that what you eat or drink won’t increase the damage, or provide debris that gets stuck inside exposed areas. 

Advanced Dental Treatment to Restore your Smile

Our practice combines modern dental technology with comprehensive care to repair damage and eliminate discomfort. Dr. Choi is passionate about rebuilding your dental function and is experienced in cosmetic procedures to restore a beautiful and natural-looking smile. Our dentist is also trained in oral surgical procedures, which allows him to keep your care in-office instead of referring you out. 

When you visit our Tumwater office for emergency dental care, we provide all that you need for a comfortable visit. We offer dental sedation to enhance your comfort during treatment, which is helpful to those who require extensive dental attention. Above all, our team helps patients through every step of their dental care, ensuring comfort even during a dental emergency.

With a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dental offerings, you can rely on Choi Family Dental to address immediate needs while providing a long-lasting solution to your dental emergency in Tumwater. To receive one-on-one attention for your dental emergency, please contact us today!


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