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Missing teeth affect self-confidence and impact dental function, making for an uncomfortable bite. Dental implant treatment, however, fills those gaps with fully functional tooth replacements. Dr. Choi provides both placement and restoration of dental implants from our Tumwater family practice. With a dedicated treatment planning process, individuals with missing teeth can have a full smile again.Choi Family Dental offers the chance to have permanent restorations, replacing dentures and other temporary appliances. 

How do I Benefit from Dental Implants?

When teeth are extracted or lost, it is not only your smile that’s affected. The jaw bone supports our teeth with nutrients, but when they’re gone, it shrinks. Wherever a tooth has been extracted, you lose bone strength and structure. Without treatment, your bite becomes uneven and even adds lines around the mouth, creating an aged look.

Dental implants reverse jaw bone resorption, providing a new structure that the bone can attach to. Implant posts, which are surgically placed into the jaw, are biocompatible and fuse with existing bone. This creates the most natural foundation possible, emulating the strength of a tooth root. Restorations are then attached to this post for a completely restored tooth or teeth and supports renewed growth in your jaw structure. 

A good candidate for dental implant treatment includes individuals with enough bone density to support implants. Even patients without enough bone can rely on Dr. Choi to restore structure with preparatory procedures such as bone grafting. 

Replacing Teeth with Custom Restorations in Tumwater

Dr. Choi fabricates your custom implant restorations, whether you have one or multiple missing teeth. After placement and healing are complete, we take impressions for your new restorations. We utilize only premium materials to create these teeth replacements, such as porcelain and acrylic, providing you long-lasting dental function. 

Individual Teeth: For single teeth, or for sporadic gaps throughout the smile, crowns are the final step in implant treatment. These look just like natural teeth and exhibit comparable strength. When placed on top of implants, patients can hardly tell the difference from existing teeth. 

Multiple Teeth: When many teeth in a row or whole arches are gone, patients need an implant-supported bridge or hybrid denture, respectively. These bridges use two or more implants to secure a restoration that looks like multiple porcelain crowns fused together. This is an improvement over traditional bridges, which require a crown on the tops of healthy teeth. 

Hybrid dentures restore whole rows of teeth, on both upper and lower arches. Instead of your typical dentures which require suction or adhesives to stay in place, implant-supported dentures are permanently affixed. With this method, patients won’t experience dentures shifting, nor will they have to be re-adjusted or relined for comfort. Our implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures are all made by a trusted lab for our Tumwater patients. 

All implant-restorations are designed to last for many years, even a lifetime. They rebuild dental function, making it as natural as possible. They are a viable alternative to traditional restorations that can fall out or become uncomfortable. 

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